WhatsApp Fingerprint And Other Hidden Feature you need

The super outstanding new Whatsapp Fingerprint feature has got everybody on the chatting platform of whatsapp well secured. If this is your first time of seeing this or hearing of it, then you are at the right place to get the information you need.

The Fingerprint Existence

This is a recent development to its users all over the world, to the iPhone devices, is no longer a new thing because it works in iPhone perfectly well. When you talk of the android devices then this feature is currently on its move to be used in your android devices.

The new feature was officially announced today, and it is one of the trending features Whatsapp has offered so far for its users.

If you have got and iPhone device and you do not have this feature in your whatsapp then you are missing something sweet.

Let me now shock you about the qualities of this fingerprint that I guess you do not know about. Check below to see the qualities.

Whatsapp Fingerprint Qualities For iPhone

  • Easy to use in your phone device.
  • Already in the whatsapp settings when you get the latest whatsapp Apk.
  • Last as long as you set the lock on.
  • The lock takes effect after some minutes depending on how you set it.

##The fact you need to know about this whatsapp fingerprint feature. WhatsApp for iOS: it offers you the opportunity to choose to use Face ID or Touch ID as a means of biometric authentication. Remember that both Touch ID and Face ID options were enabled for iPhone users back in February.

However, the new rated whatsapp fingerprint authentication system for Android  is in no doubt a massive welcome development, especially for the Android users.

How Can I Turn On Fingerprint Lock For WhatsApp In My Android Device

This is quite easier and simple, just follow the steps below to get it working for you.
1. Go to Settings.
2. Tap Account.
3. Tap on Privacy
4. Finally, enable Fingerprint lock.

Fingerprint Security Measures

After you are true with enabling the option, then you as a user is expected to confirm your fingerprint. Frankly speaking, this fingerprint is new biometric authentication system and in addition it is an extra-level of security.

Although, the settings and using aspect depends on the user, if they can willingly lock and unlock the app with their fingerprint.

However, it is also up to them to choose the validity of the app lock to the minutes of their choice.

Have it in mind that turning the feature on means you’ll need to use your fingerprint to unlock the app even after unlocking your phone. <Extra security, a little bit of extra working process>

If as a user, you refused to turn the content blocking from the notification panel, then you can still answer WhatsApp calls and reply to messages from notifications.

NOTE: Other fingerprint lock settings includes choosing if you would love to see the content of your messages displayed in the locked notifications, including the sender of the message from (Show content in notifications).


The whatsapp fingerprint is just an extra security feature added to the app to get your chats and other documents secured.

All the above information can work correctly in your phone when you follow the instructions carefully.

Although, the settings and using aspect depends on the user, if they can willingly lock and unlock the app with their fingerprint.

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