Ways To Hide Notifications On Your Phone Screen | Lock Screen Delete Notifications

I bring to you today Ways To Hide Notifications On Your Phone Screen. I know most of you actually want to see how to do this because they could not stay safe seeing more and more pop out notifications on their lock screen.

Ways To Hide Notifications

This is something I just taught of and decided to share it with the public here, so please read and share with friends because it might be important to the your neighbor or friends.

I know some people do not like to see this notifications p[op out especially when they are really busy with something or feel ashamed of how their friends will react to see such notifications on top of their screen.

so you really have to know the Ways To Hide Notifications On Your Phone Screen before you can actually stay focus and perform that task you want.

However, I have a good news for you on how you will go about this and hide these notifications to avoid more embarrassment.

This will keep you safe enough to see the notifications alone and at your own convenient time. I guess that is what you want.

I do not want to waste much of your time, lets quickly get to the point and know how we can get this thing working in our device.

Below are the guidelines on how to hide your notifications on your lock screen completely.

Practical Ways To Hide Notifications On Your Phone Screen– The Steps

As much as this might sound strange to you, I want you to know that most android phones have three options for hiding notifications. This should be in form of:

  1. Show all.
  2. Show none OR hide notification content.
  3. you can see which app the notification comes from.

However, you should know that notifications comes in very brief statement unless you open it fully to read them. It is also your choice if you choose to protect your privacy.

Therefore, here are simple steps to follow Ways To Hide Notification(s) On Your Phone Screen:

  • Open your phone home screen.
  • Go to device settings and open your device’s Settings
  • Then, you should click on or tap the Apps & notifications
  • The apps and notifications might be in form of Sound and notifications, these can be in older versions of Android.
  • However, click on it (Notifications).
  • Next, tap or click On lock screen.
  • This is what we have been waiting for: Tap on Don’t show notifications at all or tap on Hide sensitive content.
  • This is what you should do to deactivate the notifications.
  • Finally, if you really want to undo these, them follow the steps again but this time tap on Show all notification content to make them visible.

Another Notification Step

Still on the same note, I can still show you another way to do this especially if your phone is not displaying such. Ways To Hide Notifications On Your Phone Screen.

So this is another method to deactivate this:

Move to Settings.

Enter Security & location.

Go to screen preferences and open.

Finally, On lock screen and notifications.

However, this process depends on the model of your phone because all phones are not the same.

Samsung & HTC lock screen notifications (Ways To Hide Notifications On Your Phone Screen)

I have decided to include this because it is really important, I know I will get some questions from Samsung users. This is why I had to include this.

For Samsung Galaxy S6, this is how you guys should do this:

  • Firstly, Go to Settings.
  • On the settings page; Tap screen and security.
  • Then click on
  • Tap on the Content on the screen.
  • Finally, Tap on Do not show notifications.
  • Or tap on Hide notification

This is always the same for Samsung phones, so follow the steps to see it working directly on your phone.

If you have an older HTC phone then you should be trying these right now.

  1. go to Settings.
  2. Sound & notification.
  3. Click on the hide contents.

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