Turkey Government Scholarship Application 2021 Program for international Students

Turkey Government Scholarship Application is an online government sponsored application for various certificates like the Degree certificate, Masters, and Doctoral degree certificates. This is a scholarship that welcomes students all over the world to get the best of knowledge and gain more academic qualifications.

Turkey Government Scholarship

Turkey Government Scholarship Today:

Turkey Government Scholarship also called the (Turkiye Burslari Scholarship). Online application process is out there for undergraduates, master, doctoral degree candidates also because it is additionally available for Turkish short course scholarship program candidates.

Once you are certain that you just have all the desired documents completed and obtainable for on-line Turkey Scholarship Application, then pass on and start your on-line application for Turkey Government Scholarship 2021.

FEE: Turkey Government Scholarship Application

All you need to do and think of is to make sure that you are an eligible candidate to apply for a scholarship program.

In addition to that you should also make sure that you have all the documents complete and available. All these should be in time for the online Turkish Scholarship Application submission.

Turkey Government Scholarship Application Eligibility Criteria:

Below you will see Some of the countries that are allowed for the Turkey Scholarship Programs: Germany, Iceland, United States, UAE, Pakistan, etc.

However, there are other countries as well in the list from where the candidates can simply apply for the postgraduate sessions. Therefore I will list below the eligibility criteria for the Turkey Government Scholarship:

  • You should know that age of the candidate is one of the strict measures that is taken into consideration.
  • Eligibility to apply for an undergraduate degree then you should be born after January 1997.
  • Also to be eligible to apply for the Master’s degree then you should be born after January 1988.
  • For D. candidate should be born after January 1983 and for the Research Program, it is January 1973.
  • If you tend to apply for an undergraduate program, know that 70% of the marks are mandatory.
  • Then for the application of the Masters and PH.D. program, 75% of the marks are compulsory.
  • Bear in mind that Medical School Programs require 90% of the marks.
  • This program is strictly for foreigners so if you are a citizen of Turkey or used to be its citizen previously then you cannot apply for the program.
  • Most Students studying in Turkey are not capable of the Scholarship.
  • Accurate information: Also Selected students should show their documents when asked.

 List of documents for the Government Scholarship:

All Candidates for Turkey Scholarship are  to complete the below-list of documents on time and early before application deadline.

However, it is the job of the candidates to insert accurate candidature information into the system at the time of the online Turkey Scholarship.

  • A Diploma or degree certificate with good Grades.
  • Associate degree or diploma
  • High School level Certificate.
  • Middle School level Certificate
  • English test on: TOEFL or IELTS and GAT, GMAT GRE (Optional)
  • Good Recommendation letters
  • Letter of intent for the candidate
  • A Resume
  • A good research proposal by doctoral degree candidates.
  • High School or University Exam Grades sheet (Latest one)
  • Work Experience Certifications (Optional)
  • All round Social participation and extracurricular certifications (Optional)

How To Begin With The Scholarship

Here, all candidates will see all information on the Turkish Scholarship positions under their ‘Home Page’ screen.

Showing info on High School, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Ph.D. and Research. However, on clicking on any of these tabs, you will see a notification that prompts you as not a suitable candidate for any of these scholarships.

The reason is because the candidate has not filled necessary and more required information. This information are: in the Personal Information, Family information, Contact information, Education information, Language details, Work experience, Academic Qualifications, Social Activities.

Therefore, if the candidate fills the information under the above-mentioned sections, then it can be seen in ‘Home Page’.

Also, the candidate is now eligible for the scholarship and now it is the time to submit your personal data.

This is a vital information and all the applications for Turkey Burslari Scholarships will be on evaluation by committee members.

At the first phase, the candidates are shortlisted for an interview followed by confirming the selection. Finally, the Turkey Student VISA documents, University Admission letter and Scholarship Award letters are disbursed to the successful candidates.

Selection Procedure: Turkey Government Scholarship Application

Selection criteria involves academic background and the interview results for the scholarship. On the same note, the academic performance of the applicant will be check here by: These documents

  • Diploma Grade
  • The Last Term’s General Average Grades
  • University Entrance Exam Grade (if any available)
  • High School Graduation Exam/ Baccalaureate Grade (if any available)
  • All round International Test Score (if any)
  • General Academic certificates or (*) cumulative GPA.

The obligatory requirement for the Turkey Scholarship Online Application are:

  • Undergraduate degree applications: 70%
  • Master’s degree and Ph.D. Degree applications: 75%
  • Medical School applications: 90%

Finally applicants will get a call for the interview on the basis of educational grades. The interview will be in Turkish Consulates. The results will be visible on the application system and you will also see Email.

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