Top 7 private universities in Nigeria – Why the best of Study/Academic Planner

Nigeria is an African country on the gulf of guinea, there are different private universities located in the country.

I made a research and came up with the list of top 7 private university to study in Nigeria and am going to share it here to you for free.

Private university to study in Nigeria

Pros and cons of private universities in Nigeria.

while choosing a private university in Nigeria, there are usually advantages and disadvantage which are on the below list:


small interactive classes. – Private universities in Nigeria usually have lower populations and hence enhances proper interactions between the student and their tutors .

Ease violence. – Private universities in Nigeria are highly on monitoring state, therefore there will be low risk of violence between student and also promote student to teachers relationship.

Graduation is on guarantee. – Private universities in Nigeria handles strike , no lecturers threat of any form to student , organized system(syllabus), you can even have your own desired course therefore given you the zeal and passion to study hard.


Cost. – Private universities are pretty expensive, therefore one who is not financially buoyant can’t afford it.

Top 7 private university in Nigeria

Here are the list of the top 7 private university in Nigerian in which one can choose from:

1. covenant university.

This university was founded by David oyedepo, the presiding Bishop of living faith church worldwide who is also the chancellor.
This university is equip with good facilities for proper learning and it is located at ota in Ogun state .However the school fee varies based on your faculties and department , which is approximately 2 million naira.

2. Joseph Ayo Babalola

This private university is located at Osun
State, founded by Christ apostolic church and oluwawemino odunaiya been the chancellor .
The also have a good and conducive environment for studies . However the school fee differs based on facilities and departments and has an estimate of about #650000 to #800000.

3. Babcock university

Babcock university is also one of the top private university in Nigeria for you and i to study, it is located at Uishan Remo, Ogun state.
It was also found by seventh day Adventist church, school fees is also estimated around #500000 to #800000.

4. Bowen university.

Bowen private university is located at Iwo in sun state.
It is found by Nigerian Baptist convention, it is a very conducive place to study and there fee ranges from #600000 to #1000000 depending on your department and field of studies .

5. Redeemers university

It is a private university which is located in Ede, Osun state .
The redeemer private university is well disciple and conducive environment for studies .However school fees usually depends on the program of studies, therefore it ranges from #600000 to #700000.

6. Ajayi Crowther university

It is a private university that is located at Abeokuta.
This university is one among the cheapest private university to study in Nigeria, it has a very low tuition, therefore makes it easy for low and average citizens to study. It ranges from #80000 to #200000.

7. Bell university of technology .

It is also one among the best university in Nigeria . it location Ogun state and is found by Olusegun Obasanjo, it tuition and fee ranges depending on your program of studies. However, It is on estimate to be around #600000 to #700000.

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