Study And Work Visa To England, UK, Europe, And Scotland

Do you want a study and work visa in one of these countries (England, UK, Wales, and Scotland)? many people could like to have a certificate from any of these countries. Some could also be waiting for this opportunity, but today part of your dreams is at your door step.

Study And Work Visa

In this post you will get the different ways to secure a visa very fast to study and also work in any of the countries I mentioned above.

More Questions About The Study And Work Visa

Here are the frequent questions people ask about this visa, as you read down you will get to the full details about this questions.

  • Why study in these countries? check the banner below to see why!
  • The English School System – What can you study in England?
  • When and how to apply?
  • How much does it cost to study in England, Wales, and Scotland?
  • Scholarships for studies in Britain
  • Insurance to study in the UK
  • Working as a student in the UK

#Why study in the these countries?

There are many reasons to study in the above mentioned countries. They have many high-ranking universities, and all programs are taught in English.

It is cheaper than studying in the US or Australia. however, For Eu-students it is easy to travel to the UK, and at the moment no student visa is needed for EU-nationals.

England :

  • They the most and the highest ranking universities in Britain.
  • you can choose from classical student towns like Oxford and Cambridge.
  • Also, they have lovely coastal towns like Brighton and Bournemouth.
  • You should know that England is also a classic destination for English


  • This is a beautiful country you could not miss out for anything.
  • It is a country with beautiful scenery and low living costs.
  • Here students can emerge from Scandinavia, Netherlands, and Belgium.
  • All the students can apply in this country at the University of South Wales.


  • Here, the tuition is currently free for EU(European union)students.
  • This is also good for EU students since the fees are paid by the Student Award Agency in
  • Now the EU students can keep on studying with low tuition which starts in 2019 to 2022 academic session.
  • Be rest assured to be offered on e of the best certificates in your Bachelor’s degree program.

#The English School System – what can you study in England?

As an international scholar in England, you can study in language schools or universities.

  • By language schools: I mean you study English
  • By universities: I mean you can study almost any academic subject of your choice.

However, you should know that England has compulsory schooling from age 5 to 16 divided into four so-called key stages.

Students who wish to continue at university level usually study 3-5 level which is A-levels for two years.

Also, within that 2 years you will receive General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). Thus, English students are only 18 years old when they start studying at university. open the banner under for official information

Finally, Students who don’t want to study at university usually study at vocational schools and education colleges where they often take a Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC).

Mostly, international students study at these schools where you also can take foundation courses or a Higher National Diploma (HND).

#When and how to apply? (The Study And Work Visa)

The application is open to all universities program in the UK. Therefore, the deadline for applications to the fall semester depends on the school and program you want to study.

Also, high ranking Universities (Cambridge and Oxford), have their deadline in mid-October the year before the course starts.

The same applies if you want to study medicine in UK universities. Most other universities and programs have an application deadline in mid-January.

However, it is possible to make a late application until the end of June on many programs.

If you apply to a college or language school, you usually apply directly on the school’s website. Some universities also take applications on their own website.

The advantage of applying directly to the schools is that the application is usually easier so we can help you with the official website in this page.

#How much does it cost to study in England, Wales, and Scotland?

  1. In Scotland, the tuition fee is currently £1,820. However, EU-students can get their fees transfer to them by Student Awards Agency Scotland until 2020-2021.
  2. Universities in England and Wales currently charge EU-students £9250 per academic year at the undergraduate level, but is cheaper than studying at universities in Australia and the USA.

#Scholarship for studies in Britain? (The Study And Work Visa)

There is a high increase in tuition fees in many UK universities, so the rate of scholarship is also high to accommodate students that cannot pay tuition fees.

For example: The University of South Wales have scholarship of £2000 that EU-students can apply for.

NOTE: It is usually easier to get a scholarship if you study in smaller cities than in places like London that attract big numbers of international students.

#Insurance to study in the UK

It is very important to have a good insurance when you study in the UK, because you need an insurance that covers liability, transports, theft.

EU citizens should get the European Health Insurance card, etc. If you plan on driving in the UK, you will need separate insurance.

#Working as a student in the UK (The Study And Work Visa)

EU-nationals can work without restrictions in the UK until Brexit.

However, for you to receive a salary you need to get a National Insurance Number and a UK bank account.

Finally, for International students who study full-time (undergraduate or postgraduate) at a recognized UK university are usually allowed to work part-time during academic semesters for up to 20 hours a week.

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