Funds In Africa: Best Investors And Organization Funds In Africa

The main aim of every business is to make profit, this is why this organizations have set out to help Africa by providing Funds for their business, this will in turn help in development of the business and African continent as a whole.


Today there are so many business scattered all over the African continent butt the problem is funding which will lead to expansion. International investors have willingly tried to set up more funds which can really be of a good help to business owners who want to go far in business.

African Business World

Just like we all know that Africa is full of many opportunities and talents, most of this opportunities will linger for long if is well managed.

Now how can provision of funds be of a good importance to the business in Africa, every business needs capital to climb up.

I asked a friend; you said you like a business but you are not doing anyone yet, he answered me, there is no capital to start up.

Also when you ask some business men why there is no expansion, some will tell you they have low income and so they need more capital to expand.

Some people here in Africa give up on the business plans they have because there is no fund to start up the business.

Lack of funds or capital proves to be one of the biggest problem many businessmen or entrepreneurs face in business.

However, there is now many organizations and investors interested in Africa for their business re-branding.

Still yet many will say that the business is not doing fine, maybe capital is not yet enough.

To me, I will say that the problem is not lack of funds rather is lack of experience and awareness to expand.

Make sure you have a good knowledge of the business you are about to do, then set out plans or strategies that will help in expansion.

Once the funds are available, expansion will never be a problem for you in that business.

This is one of the reasons iknow is here to help to organize that business, also see different investors in Africa providing funds for your own use.

Basic Business Principles (Funds in Africa)

  1. Transparent.
  2. Honesty.
  3. Innovation skills.
  4. Communication.
  5. Risk taking.

Below are the various ways you as a business man in Africa can source Funds for that enterprise through the following investors.

Funds In Africa: Business Funding Investors In Africa World

Here are the list of things you should understand today;


  • The seed stars Africa is a member of the seed stars group today.
  • Where is seed stars coming from? This is a SWITZERLAND base venture which offers great help to many countries.
  • Presently, they are in more than 40 countries of which mostly is Africa based.
  • The seed stars world offers a competitive and exclusively competition for emerging markets.
  • They sponsor and offer capital to the winners.
  • They invest in young start up business.


  • They are best pan African women grant makers.
  • They offer grants to African women in organizations to start up a business.
  • Started since 2001 and has provided help to many African women till date.
  • It is an institutional capacity building development fund.
  • They provide grants to organizations and groups and not individually.


  • This program is out to empower Africa.
  • The foundation scheme trains, funds, mentors and designed to empower Africa next generation leaders.
  • This scheme is funded by Mr. Tony Elumelu who is a Nigerian citizen and also a philanthropist.
  • Each year the foundation empowers 1,000 entrepreneurs in African continent.
  • Each successful participant is gets a seed of $5,000 dollars investment.
  • The foundation is based on citizens and legal residents in the whole 54 African countries.
  • This is a scheme founded by a prestigious Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg and wife Chan.
  • Their mission here is: advance human potential and promote equality.
  • The source for this scheme is from Facebook shares worth over $45 billion dollars.
  • The Facebook owner recently visited one of the innovation start up hubs in NIGERIA and NAIROBI.
  • In 2015 and 2016, He and his wife invested in Andela program to teach African engineers.


  • Originated from Sweden and is one of the largest investment in African over $7 billion.
  • They have made a huge notable investment in africa like: Jumia, Millicom, Tele2, Rocket internet and Iroko partners.
  • A well known major investors in Africa emerging markets.
  • They focus mostly on Africa and is on Communications, Ecommerce, Entertainent and Financing.


  • It is an annual grant provided by the African innovation foundation scheme to inventors and innovators.
  • Each year 10 people are selected after a very serious exercise to check the competent once before setting them up.
  • Each nominee is giver $5,00 voucher but the top three out of the then is give $15,000 voucher.
  • Awards & grants are given via this areas: agriculture and agribusiness, manufacturing services, ICT, energy and water and health services.


  • It is a charity organization set up in 2001.
  • Has sponsors from rockfeller foundation, cisco sytem and other top philanthropist.
  • They invest in individuals with good talents and solutions to problems.
  • In may 2014, the acumen fund invested $1.5 million in ESOKO network company in GHANA.
  • This ESOKO company connects farmers to markets their goods online safely.

Meanwhiel, we still have other list of Scholarships for you to start your Application on the go. Now, you can start your Application on the go and don’t forget to ask questions in any part you don’t understand.

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