Don’t apply for that scholarships until you can answer this question correctly ‘Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship?’

This is one of the most thorny questions that applicant to scholarships are often faced with. One striking reason why this is difficult to answer is that there are no right or wrong answer, it just have to be convincing.

Even as it is important that you avoid sounding too greedy or needy, it is also of paramount importance to make your work outstanding- to keep your work ringing in the heads of the decision makers.

There are many reasons why people apply for scholarships but the most important is financial need but no one wants to tell a panel judging Scholarship applications that is the one with the highest financial need yet everyone wants the scholarship.

How to navigate this slippery slope can be difficult but I will share tips on how to answer the question ‘why do I deserve this scholarship’

Tips For Writing the ‘Why I Deserve This Scholarship’ essay

You honestly need to make your essay unique because that is the only way to stand out. In order to achieve this, write your essay in such a way it is tied to your specific experience because in most cases our experiences are unique , the general circumstances may be common but the way it was experienced is unique. So this is how you go about the question :

Explain in Details How The Scholarship Award Will Help You Achieve Your Long Term Goals

You have to come to the full understanding that you are asking the committee to invest in you instead of the other applicants. And just as every wise investor knows ,there is need to choose an investment option that promise a higher returns for the money invested.

You have to write convincingly showing that you are that better investment. Explain what that award will yield in the future with respect to your own personal goals.

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Keep Your Eyes On The Scholarship’s Objective

Because every scholarship has an aim and definitely a sponsor who has an aim, it’s good that you pinpoint this aim write in a way that shows that you care about this aim and that you are geared towards achieving it.

If they intend to make more people complete college, then the possibility of you dropping out of college if you don’t receive the scholarship . Work around the aims and objectives of whatever scholarship you are applying for.

Elaborate On How You Overcame Adversity

It is a common weakness to be attracted to those who have weathered storms and thrived. There is this soft spot for the successful. When describing why you deserve the scholarship , spend time taking the committee through obstacles you have overcome in the past.

The things that had the potentials to break a man that didn’t break you. Focus less on the issues but throw more light on how you trash them and it has made you stronger and better and more determined to succeed.

Take leverage in Advertise Yourself

Most times you only get one chance with the judges or committee either through your essay or face to face, don’t feel scared to advertise yourself. You are a product you want them to take interest in so you have to make them understand why you are worth their effort and opportunity cost.

Advertise yourself without making it too loud. Throw in everything you have got so you won’t leave feeling that you didn’t put up your best show.

Use A Thesis Statement

Just as you will do in every other essay, use a thesis statement and refer to it throughout the essay. If you find it hard coming up with such statements at the beginning of the work you can wait until you are done with the essay. Don’t make it too long and try as much as possible to go straight to the point.

Support Your Statements with Examples.

This is one of the most important point, always make use of examples to drive down every point you make. If you say you are resilient give an example of a situation that proofs that.

Make use of Positive language.

Expressions such as “fully prepared”, “qualified candidate” and “specialized training” show achievements in a positive light. Even in a negative circumstances, choose positive ways where able to scale through it.

Keep the language professional

Avoid words like “very” and “really.” You can usually find a one-word replacement that sounds more professional. Instead of Very difficult use difficult. Replace Very good with exceptional.

Take a pause before editing.

As soon as you are done writing, do not jump immediately into editing. Find something else to do, get engaged with something else and when you are done, you can come back to dot your Is and cross your Ts. This helps you refresh and gives you a clearer eye for a more efficient editing.

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Having successfully shared the major tips to writing this easy, it is encouraged that you start now to practice and make it perfect.

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