Consider Us For Logbook Loans
Why Consider Us For Logbook Loans

Seconds' long application: our application process is quite simple and short. It will only take you a few seconds to complete the application. We only require a few details to provide you a quote.

Variety of lenders: our applicants get access to quite a variety of lenders. Since we have liaised with a large number of reputable Logbook Loan lenders in the UK, our clients get a variety to choose from. This has also made it easier for our clients to find a lender that is ready to provide just what they need under agreeable terms.

High approval chances: our clients have the privilege of enjoying a higher loan approval rate. Unlike other quote sites, we have built a good relationship with our panel of lenders. They are more inclined to accept loan applications through our site than from other sites. It is more likely that your application for a loan through our site will be approved than if you would have filed an application elsewhere.

Access to lower interest rates: our panel of logbook loan lenders offers our clients lower interest rate charges for logbook loans borrowed. Also depending on the amount you want to borrow and your credit history, you can negotiate on the interest rate specified to reach a lower and more attractive rate.

All credit history accepted: borrowers from all walks of life living in the UK have access to logbook loans through us. Whether you have a good credit rating, poor credit rating, no credit rating, or a CJJ; you can apply for a logbook loan through our site. No discrimination is observed on the borrowers. As long as you provide proof of income and exhibit the ability to pay for the loan, your application will be considered.